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Oil Seals & 'O' Rings

We are one of the leading designer and manufacturer of O-rings, rubber seals, and custom sealing devices. Whether you need a standard rubber o ring or a complex prototype seal, we have the sealing capabilities you require.

There are a number of influencing factors including temperature, pressure, motion and speed that affect the sealing behavior and life of the radial shaft oil seal, and these factors must be taken into account when selecting the optimal seal design and materials. At Shah India Rubber, we will utilize our wealth of engineering knowledge and experience to help you find the right solution for your application.

Let Shah India Rubber . make your life easier by finding the right oil seal solution for you.

Rubber Gaskettes

With our extensive processing capabilities, Shah India Rubber is able to make close tolerance rubber gaskets quickly and effectively. More importantly, we are able to make them cost effectively.


  •  Fluid restriction
  •  Weather insulation
  •  Vibration dampening
  •  Electrical absorption
  •  Noise reduction
  •  Packaging
  •  Cushioning

Standard Rubber Gasket Materials

  •  Santoprene®
  •  Silicone
  •  Neoprene
  •  SBR
  •  EPDM
  •  Viton
  •  PVC
Rubber Diaphragms

These are flexible, airtight diaphragms that divide two chambers with variable volume and pressure.

A feature of the diaphragm is that it can normally bend at the flanging level in both directions. The axial motion is enabled by the differential pressure existing between the two separation chambers or by mechanical controls such as rockers, springs or levers.

The travel, the mechanical resistance to pressure and pulsing stresses, the chemical resistance to fluids depends on the form, the type of fabric insert reinforcing the diaphragm and by the type of elastomer or coating used.

Diaphragms in rubber-coated fabric, in rubber reinforced with fabric insert, or in all rubber are best used in equipment for control and regulation, in the transmission of force, linear actuators and drives.

Some specific applications include:

  •  Pressure regulators
  •  Pressure stabilizers
  •  Flow regulators
  •  Pressure transducers
  •  Linear actuators
  •  Brakes
  •  Pneumatic servo-mechanisms
  •  Pneumatic switches
  •  Positioning valves
  •  Safety valves
  •  Acceleration pumps in carburettors
  •  Waste-gate valves in turbo-compressors
Rubber Grommets Bushes & Washers

We offer a variety of standard rubber grommets, compressor grommets, web grommets, blind grommets, rubber washers and bushes.

Rubber bushes, consisting of cylindrical rubber tubes, bonded/unbounded on their outer and inner curve surfaces to rigid metal cylinders are widely used as engineering components and are designed to take up torsion movements, radial and axial loads and conical deflections. The rubber is pre-stressed to give maximum dynamic strength and durability.

The bonded rubber takes up the full movement. The sleeves also have excellent sound and vibration isolation capacity. Therefore, by using rubber bushes not only improves friction resistance, wear & tear and noise reduction but also eliminates play completely and isolates high frequency vibrations.

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